Identifying Signs of Neglect in Kansas Nursing Homes

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As adults age, many of us face the difficult decision of choosing a nursing home for our elderly loved ones. It is a daunting task to ensure that the facility we choose provides excellent care for them; however, there’s no room for error — our seniors need and deserve adequate respect in their golden years. Unfortunately, neglectful or abusive treatment can occur even in “reputable” nursing homes.

The Kansas City nursing home litigation attorneys at the Law Office of Tom Wagstaff Jr., LLC examine some of the top signs of neglect among nursing homes so you can be aware if there is any cause for concern around your loved one’s situation.

The Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Nursing home neglect and abuse can be challenging to detect, but there are several critical warning signs families should look out for. These could include physical or behavioral changes.

Physical Changes

Neglect in nursing homes is a serious issue, with physical symptoms that should never be ignored. These signs may include sudden changes in the older adult’s physical appearance, such as abnormal bruises, significant weight loss, and not being interested in activities like they used to be.

Another physical change can be the older person’s living conditions, such as personal items going missing, personal items being broken, and more. If their room or other areas in the facility appear to be in a state of disrepair, this may indicate that issues are not being addressed promptly. Concerning personal hygiene or other necessary care, if the older person’s needs are unmet, they may suffer from neglect and should immediately receive help.

Behavioral Changes

Behavioral changes in older adults are also one of the most visible signs of neglect in nursing homes, especially if the adult’s attitude has begun to shift drastically. Even seemingly minor changes, such as difficulty sleeping or becoming more short-tempered than usual, can indicate an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

Kansas City nursing home residents have clear legal rights to receive reasonable care, support, and safety in their residences. However, circumstances can arise that put these residents at risk and leave them vulnerable to neglect. That’s why contacting a nursing home litigation team is critical if a family believes their loved one is being neglected or mistreated.

Tips for Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Case

When it comes to choosing the right lawyer for a case involving neglect in nursing homes, it is important to do due diligence. Ensure that the attorney you choose has experience in issues related to your situation, such as top signs of neglect, including changes in attitude, missing possessions, and lack of necessary care.

Make sure the attorney is organized and prepared when handling your case, as well as understanding and supportive of your specific circumstances. Also, determine if they know the local laws that might affect your claim. Finally, select an attorney with a successful track record that you can trust when fighting for justice on your behalf.

The Law Office of Tom Wagstaff Jr., LLC is Here for You

At the Law Office of Tom Wagstaff Jr., LLC, we understand that choosing an attorney to help with a nursing home neglect and abuse case can be overwhelming. No one should ever be mistreated in any capacity, and neglect and abuse in nursing homes in Kansas City should not go unpunished. If you suspect that a loved one is the victim of such mistreatment, contact our law firm for help pursuing nursing home abuse.

Our highly experienced and compassionate attorneys will work diligently to ensure your loved one receives the justice they deserve. We will provide customized legal guidance tailored to your family’s unique circumstances and needs. Our knowledgeable lawyers are well-versed in cases involving elder care abuses so that those who have been wronged have the truth on their side. Together, let’s fight to protect each other’s rights as elderly citizens of our community.

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